Full Body Massage
Full body massage allows time for you to fully experience the relaxing benefits of massage. While most people choose to undress completely, you may choose to wear the amount of clothing with which you are the most comfortable.

You disrobe down to your comfort level, wrap yourself in a fresh sheet, and then lie on a padded table with special head and neck support. You will remain covered at all times, except for the area being worked on. Your modesty is always respected.

General Benefits of Massage
• Activation of the body’s built-in healing capabilities.
• Improved muscle tone and general body tone.
• Stress reduction and tension relief.
• Improved organ function.
• Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients.
• Reduced swelling and inflammation of joints.
• Alleviation of stiffness and soreness of muscles.
• Facilitated elimination of toxins from the body.
• Makes you feel good!

Additional Benefits
• Relief of fibromyalgia symptoms.
• Pain of muscular rigidity due to Parkinson’s disease.
• Chronic pain following auto accidents.
• Fluid retention due to recent injury or surgery.
• Muscle spasms and effects of tension.
• Anemia by increasing the number of red blood cells.
• Lower back pain associated with pregnancy.

Swedish Massage
During traditional Swedish massage, the muscles are stroked and kneaded to encourage them to relax, to release toxins, and to improve circulation. Sometimes a heavy pressure is necessary to get muscles to release and relax. Swedish massage is the perfect antidote to tightness in the neck, shoulders and upper back; kneading the muscles makes the tension disappear. Many people experience a renewed sense of peace and well-being after this style of massage, feeling more balances, centered and grounded.

Table & Chair Massage
With Massage Therapy by Stephanie, you can have your massage done on a portable massage table or ergonomical massage chair.

Hot Therapeutic Stone Massage
Therapeutic stone massage uses the gentle heat from warmed mineral stones placed in key areas to help with the relaxation response from your muscles.

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils, the aromatic extracts of plants and flowers, for health and well-being. Each essential oil has a unique chemical composition consisting of botanical vitamins, hormones and antibiotics. The action of an essential oil on the body is holistic, combining both physical and mental aspects. It aids the body’s own natural healing process on many levels. These oils provide a pleasurable and effective remedy to muscular pain, insomnia, stress and headaches.

Essential Oil Blends
Essential oils are flexible in their applications and pleasant to use. You can easily incorporate them into many of your daily activities such as bathing, skin care or a massage!

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